Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How To Add 15-20% More To Any Advertising Campaign by Joe Schroeder

What you are about to read is life changing.

I beg you to print it out and read it 10 times. And then dip each page in gold and laminate them. I'm not kidding.

I used these concepts to build a machine to move product.

When I got started in marketing I was shy about approaching people.

With what Joe teaches here I created a mechanism to have them CALLING ME>

If you were already familiar with Joe Schroeder's work from the late 90's and you didn't use these concepts, shame on you.

You my friend need to print this and read it 100 times.

I was asked on one of my very first calls with Joe

"Why won't you do what you already know how to do?"

He was so right.

If I had put into play half of what he had taught me in his courses I would be truly wealthy today. Now don't get me wrong. I do well. But I am talking WEALTHY.

OK, here's the article:


How To Add 15-20% More To Any Advertising Campaign

By Joe Schroeder

How do you write ad copy (or even just a simple classified ad) whereby on one piece of paper sits enough sales psychology to fill up a football stadium?

In fact, what is on that piece of paper, posing as an advertisement, was so much sales psychology that it induced 100Â’s of people to send you money?

Or, to be more “professional,” to buy whatever it was you were selling. How would that work?

How do you write in such a way that the people would not only believe what you were saying, but they would believe you to such an extreme level, that they would actually get excited enough to send you their MONEY?

How do you do that?

What would you say?

How do you write ad copy in such a way that is actually induces absolute strangers, who are mesmerized by the words you write, to buy whatever you are selling?

Well, believe this:

I have written ad copy now for six years professionally. And these “little strips” of paper have been the catalyst in moving over $40,000,000,000 dollars of goods and services.

Yes. There is a formula.

And more than 18 page of my new course, "Speed Enrollers" is dedicated to this subject. What's more, in my latest "cash flow" course I actually dissect, word by word, two of my most prized advertisements, i.e, two of my my full page ads.

Bag On Head

Mastery Pak

Now listen up. Because this is important. What follows is a very brief four pages of HOW people are CODED.

Yes, I am saying that we are all CODED genetically the same way. So much so in fact, that once you know the formula of the "genetic code," you will virtually know how to write in such a way that peopleÂ’s reactions to what you will write are PREDICTABLE!

What I am saying is that people are predictable.

But enough "talk." Let me prove to you what I mean.

From my course, "Speed Enrollers Recruiting Machine!"

Chapter One

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All humans are genetically coded the same way.

This we know for sure about people:

People are drawn to blood and decay faster than they are good news.

The headlines in my ads are negative. Show people a negative and they seek to survive the negative by learning about it. People study my ads like they do the six OÂ’clock news. Why? To avoid
MORE PAIN possibly tomorrow!

"Where's the beef?" That was a negative ad from Wendy's.

"Don't leave home without it!" the AMEX TV commercials are totally negative. They show people having a HARD TIME when they lose their luggage and clothes when they travel. But, if you have American Express (solution) you are saved!

Have you ever noticed how cars on the highway will come to a stop just to see dead people that have crashed their cars? Perverse for sure.
It's also how people are. Isn't it?

The first column on the left of each of my ads always gets the reader to nod their heads and say, "this guy Joe is talking about me". I accomplish that by being the reader. When you look at the left column of my full page ads notice how I am identifying with every Networkers worst dreams. Things I KNOW they have felt before. About recruiting in MLM.

When you watch the SOPRANOS on HBO (you Do watch that donÂ’t you!) have you ever wondered what they "big deal" is and why everyone in America is ga-ga over this "mafia" TV show?

HereÂ’s one answer. It has to do with RAPPORT.

The appeal is that when you watch the SOPRANOS you are watching yourself.

We all are like Tony (the lead and also a killer). And the appeal is how "normal" Tony is. He is an "everyman." He is also a murderer. And as people watch it they subconsciously get a thrill by being so much like someone they are so opposite of.

In your ads, if the reader can not relate to you or what you are selling they wonÂ’t trade their money with you. Watch the SOPRANOS to see what I mean. Sundays @ 9.

People will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure.

Based on this fact about people I do NOT advertise pleasure. Thus, I do NOT advertise MLM products or highlights any MLM company.

Because I know the genetic code of people, I gain their attention by identifying and highlighting their pain. Thus, because I write about better SURVIVAL techniques in MLM, readers will STUDY my ad copy before they will read traditional "company" (vanity) advertising. Based on people's preconditioned disposition, (they avoid pain) people have NO CHOICE but to read my ads. Because we are built to avoid pain and discomfort.

Any good ad solves a problem and HIGHLIGHTS the anguish and pain the reader is presently experiencing. Read the left collum of my "bag ad" again. The left collum is all rapport building and about shared anguish.

People will avoid humiliation and rejection at almost any cost.

My job is easy because I sell SOLUTIONS. The middle column of all of my full page ads shows the SOLUTION to whatever pain I identified on the far left column. Thus, if what I am selling will erase people's predictable embarrassment or perceived anguish (ever try enrolling someone for instance?) people tend to give me money in their own attempt to SOLVE THEIR ANGUISH.

People buy through emotional impules before they begin to sort information logically.

It's easier to tap into people's subconscious when they hear your voice but they can not see the face who is speaking. That's is WHY all hypnotist and Doctors ask you to CLOSE your eyes from time to time. Listening to someone's VOICE (just their voice) can by very hypnotic. Which gives the speaker (me) a chance to sell and re-sell and re-sell the person.

Lesson: I always list a 24 hour recorded message in my ads:

(Number no longer valid)But you get idea!

I do this to take people who read my ads from VISUAL to AUDIBLE. These voice-mail Tel-a-seminars introduce an alternate way for them to grasp my message and to feel the offer.

People hate to be wrong.

This is why I use additional links of information in my ad copy. Such as my web-site or a fax-on-demand or my Tel-a-seminars. I do this because I know people. And people can not RESIST the temptation to "challenge" their own belief in what they just read (remember, people HATE to be wrong), so they will go through all of the INFORMATION ports for one reason.

TO VALIDATE themselves. Plus, before people send me money from the ads that I place they feel COMPELLED to hear my VOICE and to see how I sound and to see if they have made a WRONG decision. Not only that, but by adding a QUICK LINK (fax-on-demand, voice-mail and web site) system to ANY of your ads, you take the reader into multiple sensory perceptions (sight, sound and touch) regarding your sales message and (USP) your unique selling proposition.

Bind someone emotionally and give them ownership and they almost can never give it back.

When you hear my Tel-a-seminars (15-30 recorded Tel-a-seminars) I do NOT sell anybody. Instead, I induce OWNERSHIP by teaching and exposing what I know.

What this does is give OWNERSHIP to the listener.

So when you hear and then you learn parts of my system via the recorded (sales pitch) tela-seminar people THINK to themselves, "I have to buy JoeÂ’s system so I can USE what Joe just gave (taught) me."

Plus, when you GIVE VALUE people will usually feel compelled (law of reciprocity) to buy from you AFTER you give them value and teach them USEABLE information.

You have just read a portion from Joe Schroeder's course called..

"Speed Enrollers Recruiting Machine."

This course was available in the late 90's and changes the face of marketing.

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