Friday, December 02, 2005

What You Give Away You Get To Keep

Joe always says "What you give away you get to keep."

He has said this for years and I have heard it for years but
I don't think I really got it until today.

We were on the phone for one of our usual sessions...

Going over stats and talking about abstract ideas to expand my business

Joe kept slapping down everything I said.

I had no idea what I was saying that was getting hom so irritated.

It got to a point where I found myself just trying to say something right to please him

when he said...

"Stop thinking about the money. Who will you help today?"

I said "HUH?"

Aren't I supposed to be doing this to make money???

Isn't that the idea?

He abruptly said "I gotta go" and hung up.

Apparently I gave the wrong answer.

You know, I thought that working with a real heavy hitter would be all about the numbers and the money.

I thought that I was doing the right thing by putting my focus there.

I thought that I got involved in MLM to make lot's of money.

I thought a lot of things.

A little while later the phone rang. It was Joe.

He said..." many people are you going to help today?"

"What are you going to give away today and what will you keep?"

And suddenly I realized that my thinking had been all wrong.

I had finally gotten strong and really good at the recruiting game but now I had swung the pendulum too far the other way.

So I decided that I needed to start giving of myself more and moved forward with the KNOWING that the right people will be attracted to me.

Like magic my conversations with my leads changed.

When I focused on giving them something instead of taking their money they were like putty in my hands.

So ask yourself...what part of me can I give away today?

Who can I help?

Who can I listen to?