Saturday, December 17, 2005

Prison Talk by Joe Schroeder

Here is one of my very favorite articles that Joe has written.

It made a huge difference on how I viewed helping people in Network Marketing.

Prison Talk by Joe Schroeder

The Mega-Mind Letter, series 12 Volume 32
Copyright 2005 The Labor Plant and Big Action Media

[Read carefully. This is vintage Joe Schroeder]

[1] When you KNOW YOU KNOW, that becomes
your BURDEN.

[2] When you FIND the ABSOLUTE truth, your
burden, then, is that you yearn for the whole world
to also know what you know.

I call that being a KEY-MASTER

When you know you know, you then
go on a LIFE’S MISSION to pass on what you
know to your fellow man.

[3] If you have PASSION for capitalism in MLM
—–THAT is where it comes from.


[4] We are the “Key Masters” to life. Our job
is simply to hand the “keys” of life to others
who are in jail——-and it is up to them to
open the gate!

THEIR job is to unlock the gate of their own personal jail
and to WALK out and follow you. ———-PERIOD.

That is what our job is, NOTHING MORE.

No more bribes.
No more chasing.
No more begging anyone to join you.

[5] Expose, involve and upgrade.

That is how a Pro markets.

Expose, involve, upgrade them.

You turn buyers into partners.

You convert partners into clients.

(It’s servanthood versus “pay me please”)

[6] And when we try to get “cute” and open the cell door
for them and we go into their cell and pick them up
and carry them out to the light–that, my friend,

THAT kind of co-dependant ego-trip is NOT what God
intended us to do. We are Key Masters.

Nothing more.

Lead. Don’t carry anyone.

Help. But don’t burp them.

[7] The responsibility of the Key Master is ominous.

THE BURDEN is intense.

[8] Not only do we have to pass through fear and hell
just to get to the jail cells, we also have to live
with the grief and destruction we see as we are down
there passing out the keys to life.

** We have to listen to people’s “war stories.”
** WE STARE mediocrity in the face: theirs.
** WE have to endure their lack of self esteem.
** We have to watch them vomit on themselves.

[Every last negative remark they make is “vomit.” Their own]

Plus, we have to carry with us the agony of leaving those
behind us who aren’t already behind us.

[9] Just think of it my friend, ** YOU ** walk through
miles and miles of rugged terrain filled with near-death
experiences along the way only to get to
YOUR final destination of being a Key Master.

[10] Then, when you arrive at your first cell you find a mother
and her child weeping in the corner, too weak to even get up
to walk across the room to get the Keys of life from you.

“Here is the Key, take it, come to Big Action Media.”

But they are too weak to grab your hand:

So, what do you do?

SHOULD you over-extend yourself?

[11] You open the cell door for her, pick her and her child up
and carry them to safety. And all the while you have to walk
past thousands of other women and children screaming
at you as you pass–they ARE ready to get out but can’t.


Because you used up your Keys on the first cell you passed.

On the weak. On that lady and her crying baby.

You used up your keys.

[12] And you WASTE your ENERGY trying to “convince” people.

Plus, ponder this: do we lose our credibility
when we need to cajole people into partnering with us?

And we waste our LIFE with the wrong TYPES of people.

So my Brothers and Sister Gladiators or Key Masters,

WHAT is your mission in life?

How about, to be strong.

[13] To be what God intended us to be–Gladiator Key Masters.

Walk through hell–do your job and don’t look back.

[14] Be honored that God entrusted you with the Keys to life.

With the ability to INSPIRE OTHER people.

Lord, thank you for that GIFT.

Be honored that God introduced you and me as we walked
through a living hell passing out our Keys
to the wrong Cell mates.

Think we each don’t participate in our own local
Social-cult-ridden anti-capitalist towns?

If you think you are devoid of that, try to
share your opportunity locally.

[15] Watch the sparks fly in the local social CULT
that is around all of us.

So, what happens?

[16] When you WASTE your time on the wrong types
of people and look back and you have wasted
another year of your life——THAT is Hell.

[17] HELL is also when the person you
are TODAY looks in the mirror and sees
the person you could have been.

[Wow! I want more of this!]

STARING back at you from the mirror.

I’ll be Joe Schroeder. You be you.

Be the best KEYMASTER that you can be.

Don’t look back, my Gladiator friend.

[18] God has chosen someone else to pick up those
pieces behind us and to help those who can’t
get up and walk to GRAB the Keys of Life.

The Pastor will coddle the lonely.

The 12-step programs will never go away.

We though, have a different path.


[19] If you and I do our jobs, it will enable those other
people, whom God has appointed to do those things
which drag us down. to do theirs

Be a Key Master today, my Gladiator friend.

Experience the genius in you on demand.

[20] Walk your rounds and hand the Keys of Life to the
RIGHT people–not the WRONG people.

Not only are you not supposed to give them the keys of life,
BUT they will suck the life out of you if you do–that is
why you and I were appointed to this finicky profession.

[21] To walk our “rounds” and to hand out the Keys
of life. Somehow we get confused and sidetracked,
when we start to think that our job is anything more.

YOU owe them nothing.

Beyond, POINT to the system. POINT to TRUTH.

But do NOT lose your soul or your dignity
in the process. MLM and a higher consciousness
is not for everyone. It’s ONLY for people
whose self image can support the ideal that
MLM can help you become a Pinnacle leader.

[22] It’s about duplication.
This is only for visionaries who can sell and lead.
This is only for the strong.

The weak (97%) work for 3% who employ them.
Others will grab a check. You collect love.

You share yourself. You are [actually, love!]

Isn’t that life?

[23] The 97% who ARGUE against capitalism work
for the 3% who agree with wealth and abundance.

Others will get paid for what their job pays.

YOU earn income based on who you are,
not what your job pays.

Think about it.

The employed are not paid on themselves.
They are paid on what their POSITION/LEVEL pays.

The level of a Captain of Police? Oh about $86,000.

Not good.

Not bad.

Just how life is.

Employment pays once per hour.
Entrepreneurs earn over and over per hour!

Wow, ain’t that cool.

[24] Employed folks serve a boss.
You and I serve a country.
We inspire more revenue into America.

We add, more than just toe a line.

We create other co-creators. Isn’t that MLM?

Isn’t that what we do?

We create co-creators of American free enterprise.

It’s called Network Marketing.

The new call it a business.

The old (like me) call it a life-style.

[25] So, JUST walk your rounds and hand out the
Keys To Life. STOP trying to “save” people.

You can’t save the whales if you can’t afford to fish.

[26] Meaning, you can’t help too many people
if you can’t afford to flick on the lights.

OTHERS will assist that Mother and crying child.

THAT is not your job.

POINT———and others will follow.

STAND and others will stop and look.

Sincerely, Joe Schroeder

This is stuff your kids need to read.