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Marketing Physics By Joe Schroeder

By Joe Schroeder

STARLINK is The Only
Affiliate Program on Earth That
Also Teaches Marketing Physics

Joe “Show-Boat” and Hidden Geometry
That Creates The Nest Eggs For MLM Giants

 If you will permit me, I will prove to you that marketing physics exists and how if you use the hidden geometry within your marketing efforts, you can effortlessly, by simply installing some mathematics, elevate your check as well as your entire business revenue model.

 People who never took the time to learn about marketing buy leads and call a few strangers and ask them to sign-up with them. As far as these people are concerned, what else can they do?

 Then there are those who are Internet savvy who bulk e-mail prospects into their splash page and auto-responders. These types of people always out-perform those who simply buy leads and hammer the phones. It’s the difference between calling a few strangers at night on the telephone versus legally bulk e-mailing 10,000 per night.

That said though, folks who know about marketing physics and who know how to effectively “market” in a cross section of niche market locations---rule the roost.

In plain English is this. If you knew how to market like the MLM Cowboys do, you’d have 10-100 new hot leads popping into your face daily asking, “what you got!”

It’s more than just getting a picnic of fresh leads who are excited to be in your marketing funnel. It’s really about having those leads on the verge of actually joining whatever program you are working your tail off in.

STARLINK is only for people who want to think harder.

Life teaches you how to think and thinking teaches you how to live.

Free Training:
Here’s the back-story to how such an article like this ever gets written. I mention this only because lets face it, how many times have you hopped into an education site like ours and without any fan-fare or even without spending a penny, you wind up learning more in a page or two, than a month of Sundays tooling around on Google.

What You Give Away You Get To Keep
One of the reasons that I sleep like a baby at night, beyond the obvious, is that I know full well, that unlike anyone else on Mother earth, I give more value and more hard-core nuts-n-bolts training --- on the house --- than anyone else.

That doesn’t make me better, but it might very well make me a glutton for punishment.

Study My Headlines:
Case in point. I was out having a brew with Jimmy Vigilante last night, nothing spectacular, just two ex-soda-jerks who cracked the code of this incredible industry, and this headline came to me.

“Joe Show-Boat and the hidden geometry of…”

This Part is Very Hard For Me
What happens then, is that I have to rack my brain, mentally arm wrestle myself (I hate that part!) and then I actually have to deliver a “lesson” worthy of such an over imagined headline.

 Could there actually be a mathematically equation and quantifiable “order” to marketing whereas once you know it, you can actually swing the pendulum in your direction?

The answer: Yup.

In fact, what some people say, no cancel that. What most people ask, as they read all of this free training here My Wave Page, is this, they poke their Fat-Brains around the corner and ask me, “Hey Mr. Joe, if your training is so good here on-line, for free, then my brain would probably explode with added brain-cells and ten pounds of umph if I flashed you one-ninety-seven and actually purchased your “Big Experiment” (6) one-hour each training CD’s.

Which I always reply, “and you haven’t ordered already!”


Ten lashes at sundown. Order or else!

Not a download.

Not something you buy and look at once.

Not an (yawn) ebook.

$197 Speed Enrollers:

8 1 Hour CD’s that are so good you’ll be hard-pressed to resist willing them to your Grandkids. Manual delivered electronically...straight to your inbox.

Speed CD Program:
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Folks, what you are about to read is in fact a hidden code.

One of many.

3-2-1----fire your engines everyone, lets begin!

There’s More To Network
Marketing Than MLM

By Joe Schroeder Copyrights 2006

Information Every Teenager of a Networker Needs
To Pass To Their Struggling Parents Who
Thinks Networking is Only About MLM

Here is The Hidden Geometry That People
Earning $40,000+ Per Month Live By…

I work the [hidden] geometry that exists in the relationship between a moving target of customers and of my ability, and of my affiliates, to exercise the trilogy of compounding results.

Day Trippers:
The reason most people in Network Marketing unintentionally and subconsciously restrict and impede the number of transactions they do, the amount of prospects in their sales funnel and why they only earn peanuts, if anything at all, on each of their customers, isn’t a conscious decision.

Marketing Physics

People aren’t dumb. They don’t wake up everyday and say, “today I am going to play small. I am going to work for ten hours only to earn 17% of what I could earn and my plan is to only grow by 2% every quarter. Yeah for me!”

People don’t wake up and say that to themselves.

But if you watch their lives, that’s what they do.

I Teach Predictable Results
Furthermore, the reason most people earn just above the poverty level in this industry is because they DO NOT KNOW any better. The don’t know the geometry that could shift their business into doing hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in sales volume.

Marketing Physics: The Fulcrum Line
Marketing Physics: The Law of Diminishing Results
Marketing Physics: The Law of Compounding Results

 There are many mathematical laws to marketing.
 You just read three. In my course I teach (11) eleven.
 Here is one----use this as an example.

I Used The Math and 10,000 People Showed Up
The math doesn’t lie. 1+1 = 3 (if you network properly) and if you learn the hidden order to leadership, you can be like me and 1 + 1 = 10.

I don’t build Armies because of my semi-handsome boyish good looks and/or because of my pleasing personality. I’m a tyrant, I have attention deficit syndrome and I lose patience faster than a New York minute. However, if you understand marketing physics and properly apply them the results are as predictable as white on rice.

Marketing physics can be applied to any business, naturally. Here’s an application you can use in whatever Network Marketing program you are working. Enjoy.

The Trilogy of Compunding Results

In Marketing, there are (3) ways to make more money:

1: Increase the number of customers that you have!

2: Boost the average sale (it’s size) per customer!

3: Increase the amount of times people re-order!

A fourth way to build your business, beyond those three (3) avenues, has never been invented.

There is no fourth way to grow your business.

Math Money, it’s Predictable:
Here is the geometric mathematical equation where if applied, can double and even triple your income within ninety days after you start to add this formula to your marketing efforts.

What is interesting to note, especially for folks like
us, who have hundreds of people within our various
“subscriber” (MLM) networks, is that often times
you don’t need more people in order to make more
income, you just need to add more “consumables”
and things for them to buy.

Three (3) ways to INCREASE business.

[1] increase your number of customers.

[2] increase the average sale per customer.

[3] increase HOW OFTEN they buy.

Let’s say you have 1,000 customers. They average $100 per transaction and they order twice (2 X’s) per year.

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,000 X’s $100 X’s 2 = $200,000

Now just ADD 10% To The Formula

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,100 X’s $110 X’s 2.2 = $266,200

Only a 10% increase raised revenues by 33.1%

Increasing The Number of Customers
Here is what the new guy does. He buys some leads. He hopes a few of them are home. Calls them and walks away, if he is lucky, with a few people who promised to follow him to a conference call----but don’t.

The lady who made $22,381 last month did something totally different. What she did, was she understood that she couldn’t control WHO joined her program, but she could control how many people looked at her program.

Things You Have Virtually ZERO Control Over

 You can’t control how many people you enroll.
 You can’t control other people’s motivation level.
 You can’t control someone else’s auto-responder.
 You can’t control that which you don’t pay to control.
 You can’t control your MLM companies future.
 You can’t control your enrollee’s enrolling other people.
 If you DID NOT create the lead you can’t CONTROL it.

Things You Have 99.9% Total Control Over

 You can control how many ads that you place.
 You can control how many info-paks that you send out.
 You can control how many people you ASK to enroll.
 You can control how fast your enrollees advertise.
 You can control the retail money if prospects send YOU the fee.
 You can control your future if you are MLM diversified.
 You can control your money if you create 7 checks. Not 2.
 You can control the amount of presentations you do.
 You can control how much money you invest into ads.
 You can control the time you waste with tire-kickers.
 You DO control the speed of success. You always did.
You can 101% CONTROL leads that you create!

Work With Bigger #’s and Your Results Change
Simply by prospecting and marketing to more people. Are you only using one (1) means to gather possible suspects to join your membership program or are you like the Pro who has six and seven and eight different means from which to create the 24 hour tireless avalanche of fresh blood that pipes into his marketing funnel.

Read This Until It Makes You Sick. Over and Over.
The people making $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 per month are INCREASING their probable depth by increasing first, their probability of association by advertising in multiple locations.

“Mary, I Think Brother Joe Nailed it on This One.”
Do you want to INCREASE the number of customers that you have? If so, why are you not controlling the amount of people who are looking at your program?

When you wake up each day do you have 200,000 eye-balls looking at the various classified ads that you have scattered throughout the newspapers around America?

If not, why not. Aren’t you sick to death of mediocrity and obscurity staring back at you?

Quantifiable Measurements = One Big Fat Sales Org.
THAT is how you increase your customer base. It’s done not by chance, it’s predictable. As I said, you can’t control the number of people who actually join your program. You can’t. But what you can do is predict and measure how many LOOK at your opportunity.

The Masters Marketing Physics System

Step One:
Change your price. Build in another price point.

Step Two:
Find another way to bill them. Get them to pay you
more often annually.

Step Three:
Add more customers by advertising to more people.

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,000 X’s $100 X’s 2 = $200,000

Now just ADD 10% To The Formula

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,100 X’s $110 X’s 2.2 = $266,200

Only a 10% increase raised revenues by 33.1%

The Joe Schroeder Paradigm Shift

It’s about getting more people to hand you money more times. It’s NOT always about:

 Recruiting more people.
 It’s not always about a bigger group.
 It’s not always about sponsoring more.

Often, it’s simply and as easy as ADDING something to the funnel and getting who you have to go on monthly auto-ship for another product that supports the products that they are already buying.

Here is What Earning $25,000 per Month Looks Like

 Earn when they order the core products that your program sells.
 Earn (again) when your people order leads.
 Earn (again) when they use your web site.
 Earn (another time!) when they order MLM training programs.
 Earn (wow!) again when they use an auto-responder!

Just to make a point and to prove that this is how big business becomes big business, spend a lazy afternoon one day and open up last months phone bill. Now look at how many different times one company found ways to bill you.

 They charged you for text messaging.
 They charged you even more money for call waiting.
 Then they charged you for (ugh!) roaming minutes!
 Plus they got you when you went over your monthly limit!
 They also got you to buy a service warranty.

The MLM Cowboy is Just Like Verizon Wireless
I am just like Verizon wireless kinda-sorta. Verizon gets you to stay with them indefinitely. You think you’re safe because your contract with your cell phone carrier is only for another six months. But wait, didn’t you just connect your children’s cell phone into your cell phone plan? Lots of parents give their kids cell phones by age 12-13.

Most parents do that and in order to do that you need to contract with most cell phone carriers for ANOTHER 1-2 years.

Ka-Ching. They just extended your “stay” with them.

It’s brilliant marketing. Go Verizon! (You Dogs!)

That’s what I always did. I soaked my darling little MLM Cherubs into multiple programs. That way, if for some reason they quit the original program I stuffed them into, the SCHROEDER FAMILY still earned off their sweet little backs because remember, I lassoed their butts into 2-3-4-5 programs.

“Joe, that is SO Joe Schroeder of you!”

No, it’s not clever. It’s called smart business.
It’s big business and this is HOW big business gets even bigger.

The Geometry: Marketing Physics

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,000 X’s $100 X’s 2 = $200,000

Now just ADD 10% To The Formula

# Clients Sale Value Per Client Annually = Money
1,100 X’s $110 X’s 2.2 = $266,200

Only a 10% increase raised revenues by 33.1%

What is staggering here is the math.

Look very closely at this math above you here.

Notice how with only a 10% increase in productivity you wind up with an increase of 33% in actual revenue.

Here’s a Million Dollar Reminder
As I said, you don’t always need “new” people in order to raise your check by 10% to 25% PER MONTH.

You only need a logical [excuse] to bill your current customers a second time.

Fine print: As long as that second item is in a close relationship to what your customers are already buying.

Example #1: Russell Paley
How much added revenue did Russell Paley from Melaleuca add to his bottom line each month by writing an MLM training book and then flushing his new pride-and-joy into and amongst his behemoth downline?

Did he add a few thousand or maybe an extra $50,000?

Did he add more people or did Russell simply follow the law of compounding results and simply add something in relationship to what his downline was already buying?

Example #2: Mike’s Dog-House, Oakland, N.J.
Mike’s Dog-House in Oakland, N.J. added something that every other wiener joint in fifty miles refuses to. Mike added little tiny table top Sabrett hot-dog steamers.

You know, those are the things that you can rent for $60 bucks per weekend and use when ever you are having a summer barbeque and you want to provide your guests with authentically steamed Sabrett hot-dogs.

Did this create new customers for Mike? Of course it did. All of those hundreds and hundreds of “strangers” at those summer barbeques asked, “where’d you get that neat little wiener thing?” Answer: Mikes Dog House!

What this also did was provide an extra $700+ per week to Mikes take home. Run the math. $60 X’s 10 steam tables per weekend is an extra $2,400 monthly and somewhere like an extra $30,000 annually.

 Same customers.
 Same people.
 All he did was add something similar.

Same Category. Just a Different Item.
This is how Mike’s Dog-House used the same customer base and got many of them to hand money over to him more times. By simply adding something similar and in relationship to what they were already buying from him.

This isn’t about being clever.

This is about earning smart money and leveraging the list that you already have and being intelligent enough to exercise their wallets more than only through your original and most obvious earning commodity.

Here’s How To Give
Yourself an Immediate Raise

 By adding MyWave Page to your marketing model you add a “steam table” to your business.

 You then become like Mike’s Dog-House and you are adding something in close proximity to your customer base in direct relation (marketing and training) to what you are already selling your customers. Wave Page is an obvious “add on” that can make you an additional check each month that is almost too obvious to ignore.

Joe Money is Your Money
In the next seven days, you could blow $197 between a good bottle of wine during “date night” with your favorite Hottie. The thing is though, that will only last an evening and three hours at best.

If you have my one-ninety seven BIG experiment six CD program, you will have that pleasure for five or ten years. Not only that, but if I sit inside of your cars CD player with you for the next year, well---use your imagination.
 Date Night: 3 hours
 Joe Schroeder CD program: 5-10 years.
 Both are the same price. One actually pays you though.

Order Speed Enrollers. You’ll feel better. Click here:

There is marketing geometry. I just proved it to you. In my course, I will actually show you ads and templates and show you easily 1-2-3 step-by-step how to apply this.

Marketing Physics: The Fulcrum Line
Marketing Physics: The Law of Diminishing Results
Marketing Physics: The Law of Compounding Results

I know that you enjoyed this.

But not even half as much as I enjoyed GIVING it to you.

Step 1: Have something unique to sell and share.
Step 2: Break off a section of it and give it away.
Step 3: Now you are exercising the reciprocity principle
Step 4: This actually applies STRESS onto Universal law.
Step 5: To relieve itself, the Universe will now give back.

Tear a seed, a tree grows.
Go back to principle.

Tear off a piece of man, plant in a female, a child grows.

Rip, tear and shred a dollar into another location and it multiplies. (Gen 1: 11, “everything duplicates after it’s own kind.”)

Do you realize that you can predict your future by how effortlessly and how often you release out of your hands what you presently have?

Yes, you are learning marketing physics and Universal law.

What you give away always hops back into your hands.

Donate an idea and a new mentor flies into your life.
Give away sincere encouragement and people come to you.
Teach and give away prosperity and money comes to you.

Feed someone before you feed yourself and you’ll never be hungry

God does for you what you DO for others

Tear off and share your biz opportunity. Give away info and share the passion and insights that CAN’T be heard within their own companies training center. Now stand back and watch them all come back for more. But it begins with Principle = Concept + Application.

This not quantum physics.

This is how PERFERT ORDER exists within the world.

TEAR off a piece of your heart in the form of a smile and watch a strangers face duplicate what you gave to them. You smile first and then they smile back at you.
(Gen 1:11)

What you give away you always get to keep. Have to.

When you advertise, contrast what you sell against the competition with classic forms of features and benefiting rituals. But add personality and their imagination will begin to feel something inside of the words.

Now you know why Wendy’s used Dave Thomas on their TV commercials and why Purdue used Frank Purdue. Both were unique personalities.

You always earn more money and collect more sales when you TNT the IMAGINATION of people.
Add some personality. (few do)
Contrast against size. (almost no one does)

“(8) 1 hour cds!”

Without the use of marketing physics people are forced to call strangers and ask, “can you help me, will you join?”

When you use ATTRACTION PRINCIPLES people call you.

Yes, that is right.

I hid the meat of this letter down past page eight on.

Only those that were supposed to read all 13 pages stayed long enough for the pay off.

Now go find a mirror, look at yourself and salute yourself!

You are okay.

Everything will be alright.

High five yourself more often, I do.

Vote yourself in.

Thanks and I’ll see you all real soon,

Your Friend,


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