Saturday, October 15, 2005

How To Get A MLM Guru To Give You Some Of Their Time by Diane Hochman

I have been fortunate to sit in the presence of many MLM Gurus.

I have even had dinner with Jim Rohn.

There seems to be a certain skill to getting close enough to pick their brains.

I recently found out that Joe Schroeder was back on the net over at with his partners in the lead business.

Joe has a new blog over there where he is churning out the MOST amazing
articles so I decided to give him a call.

5 years ago I purchased Joe's Chaos to Cash and Speed Enrollers programs at MLM Bigfish and I have to tell you, they changed my life both personally and business wise

Joe lists his cell on his articles so I figured what the heck.

My plan was to ask for 5 minutes.

Show respect for his time and let him know that I have been a student for some time.

I gotta tell you...what a nice guy!!!!

He made me feel incredible as he asked me all about my business.

He consulted with me on leads and gave me some great leadership advice.

Most importantly he shared with me his new project and promised to keep me in the loop on it.


I know that tons of money was made back in the MLM Bigfish days by his first affiliates and now I have the opportunity to be among the first to hear about his new program called The United Mastermind.

I'd say taking the risk and calling was totally worth it.

You know, most networkers don't believe it's possible to get close to the REALLY big earners to learn.

I believe it's not only possible but critical to your career in the industry.

After all, if you don't learn from the best, what are your chances of making it?

In any case, I really hit it off with Joe and and the next thing you know we were emailing back and forth quite a bit.

I offered my assistance in any way I could serve in exchange for the opportunity to observe Joe take his new project to the public.

You see, I have learned that if you seek mentorship you must first be willing to serve. Becoming valuable is the quickest way to have a big earner take an interest in you.

My goal is to take my business to a Million Dollar in sales in 2006.

I made it half way there on my own so I figure with some good mentoring it's a done deal.

Join me as I detail for you what it is like to be coached by someone who changed the face of the internet and network marketing.

Get details on Joe's new work and experience the challenges that I have in taking my business to the next level.

I asked Joe for his blessing on this Blog and he gave it.

So come along as I am mentored by a master.